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Hamid Shojaee

Random Thoughts about Axosoft and technology

The Hardware is Here!

A few updates about our crazy project:

  • We have received the Dell hardware we ordered!  (it looks great, but it’s not setup).
  • Dan and I have had 1 lunch meeting so far where we discussed the requirements (see below)
  • We’ve picked the name “” for our project.  I’ve registered this domain name at

Our video of the requirements session didn’t come out great due to sound quality.  It was our first video, what can I say?  We did an outside session at Boston Market, so there is a lot of noise that makes it difficult to hear our conversations.  I’ve edited the 10 minute session down to about 2 ½ minutes of video, but future videos should be of much better quality.  We'll do future videos indoors :-)

Here is a list of the requirements we came up with for

  • Allow for the upload of files up to 1GB in size
  • Allow for up to 5 recipients to be identified for receiving the file
  • Allow sending of multiple files at the same time
  • Allow a message to be sent to the recipient as part of the file notification
  • Optionally allow for password protection of file
    • Password should be optionally sent with email to recipient
  • Optionally allow sender to identify themselves
  • User Interface must be simple
    • Optional features should be done using client scripting to avoid round-tripping
  • System needs to store files up to 5 days to allow time for the recipient to retrieve the file
  • For added security, the system should create an image containing confirmation text that is required to ensure the user it manually filling out the page

Description of the way the system works:

  1. Visitor uploads files and identifies recipients in 1 page submission
  2. System stores the file for up to 5 days
  3. System sends email to recipient with a link to a page where the file can be downloaded

Based on our current work-load and availability, it looks like we won't have time to implement this project until the first or second weekend of June.

Published Wednesday, May 18, 2005 1:32 PM by Hamid
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