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Managing detailed requirements

Last post 06-16-2009, 3:01 PM by ken.halford. 1 replies.
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  •  03-19-2008, 4:24 AM 15376

    Managing detailed requirements


     Has anyone found a way of successfully capturing and managing Requirements Decomposition in OnTime 2008, ie having high level requirements (HLRs) and then several lower level requirements (LLRs), which are individually testable requirements which make up the related HLR.  I'd then related each LLR to a test script.

    I'm toying around with just setting them up as related items, but I'd want HLRs and LLRs to have different properites and information about them captured (ie to use a different template).

    Ideally, I'd also like to trigger the automatic creation of at least one LLR when an HLR moves to a particular step in its workflow.  Best I can do on this at the moment is to trigger a notification at that workflow step reminding someone to create the LLR, or to run a query later to show HLRs in a certain workflow step without any related items.

    "Requirements" is the term I'm using for what OnTime calls "Features".

     Can anyone help with this?  Or, more generally, how do you manage requirements at a detailed level with OnTime?



  •  06-16-2009, 3:01 PM 18856 in reply to 15376

    Re: Managing detailed requirements

    I asked about the ability to essentially have related sub-tasks in OnTime during the OT:201 class today and learned there really wasn't a way to do this.  Tom mentioned that he had heard this request before so it might be something for a future version.

    In the meantime I'm using the feature as a requirement too, but I have it encompass the totality of the task in terms of scheduling the hours.  I then add bullet points under the description that list the subtasks to be accomplished.  That's how we're managing the details.

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